Recent & featured work

Dene Grigar & Mariusz Pisarski, "The Challenges of Born-Digital Fiction"

In both a monograph from Cambridge U Press and a multimedia online book, scholars Grigar and Pisarski analyze the "migration and translation" that Grigar's team led of my hypertext novel "Figurski at Findhorn on Acid," in the context of other seminal e-lit works and an exploration of "activities, approaches, and strategies underlying the preservation of born-digital literature."

"Putting the Pig Back Together Again: Dis(re)connection in 'Figurski at Findhorn on Acid'"

"The pigs become a metaphor for the novel—like the hypertext, they both have exactly 147 parts, parts which the characters disassemble and then must try to reassemble in the end when they finally come together 'all on the same page.' Likewise, the experience of reading the novel involves a constant (re)assembling of its disparate elements into scenes, as the reader traverses hypertext links and chooses navigational paths. . . "


The Goreman Gelders had been undeterred by the groans that followed every BEEP!, or the shivering of grak-enhanced suppressed laughter, or the tear-streaked cheeks of their audience. They resolutely completed the 33-slide filmstrip and opened the floor for questions, but hearing none, they quietly packed up their projector and screen, smoothed down their skinny ties and rebuttoned their nondescript suit jackets. “Nice tapestries,” said the younger Gelder, somewhat longingly . . .